​1951 Bill Hanson, an electrical, mechanical and chemical engineer, establishes Hanson Research Company in a small garage shop in Los Angeles.​​

1950s - HRC Original Building

​1950’s HRC manufactures components and small motors for the local aerospace industry and other industrial applications.

1963 Due to its growing enterprise, HRC is incorporated in the state of California as Hanson Research Corporation.

1960’s Bill Hanson works with scientists at USP, FDA and the pharmaceutical industry in pioneering and prototyping early dissolution test instruments.
1969 HRC introduces the industry’s first commercial 6-vessel dissolution test station.

​1970’s Moving to a larger manufacturing site, HRC develops a complete product line of dissolution test systems for the pharmaceutical industry. HRC continues its cooperative research with USP and FDA on refining the dissolution test apparatus.
1970s facility
1975 HRC introduces the industry’s first automated dissolution test system, the “Dissograph.”

1982 After completing his PhD in engineering, Bill Hanson publishes the 1st Edition of the Handbook of Dissolution Testing.
​​1st edition book
1980’s HRC continues its product development and innovation with the “QC72” and “SR72” test stations, and the new “Dissoette” autosampler system. HRC also develops systems for media-prep, on-line HPLC testing (with Waters), and transdermal diffusion cell testing.
1991 Bill Hanson updates and publishes the 2nd Edition of the Handbook of Dissolution Testing.
2nd edition book
1990’s Moving again to a larger, modern manufacturing facility, HRC continues its growth by serving research and quality control labs worldwide. Throughout this era, HRC is awarded numerous patents for design and technology.
scientists working at 90s style computer
1995 HRC introduces its new line of dissolution testers, the “SR8-Plus”, followed by the “Media-Mate Plus” media prep system, the “AutoPlus” precision syringe pump autosampler, and the new “Transfer Module” for on-line HPLC with Waters.
tradeshow display
​​1998 HRC is fully certified for international ISO 9001 Quality.​
​2000's The “Hanson curve” logo is introduced. It reflects the profile of a dissolution vessel​ and celebrates founder Bill Hanson, whose favorite color was orange.​

2000’s HRC continues its innovative technology for pharmaceutical testing and quality assurance worldwide, including “Q-Pak” validation guidelines, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software/firmware, and the new “MicroettePlus” transdermal and topical diffusion cell test system.

2003 HRC is fully certified for new ISO 9001:2000 Quality.​
2004 HRC introduces “Bill” DDS Dissolution Data System, the dissolution industry’s first LIMS-ready data system.
BIll DSS icon
2005 Roy Hanson, CEO, and Vivian Gray, consultant, update and publish the 3rd Edition of the Handbook of Dissolution Testing.
3rd edition book
2016 ​Acquired by Teledyne Instruments to become Teledyne​ Hanson​.