​Teledyne LABS is a collection of decades-old Teledyne brands contributing to the research, development and manufacturing of laboratory instruments and technologies used around the globe. You’re sure to recognize some or all of the entities comprising Teledyne LABS. After all, we’re Everywhereyoulook™: 

  • Teledyne CETAC Technologies: ​Sample introduction and sample handling equipment for elemental analysis, providing a comprehensive range of product-based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples ranging from drinking water and​​ in-service oils, to high purity acids and radioactive waste. 
  • Teledyne Hanson: Specialists in the design and manufacturing of dissolution testing, diffusion testing and physical testing solutions for pharmaceutical research, product development and quality control. 
  • Teledyne ISCO chromatography and pumps: Provider of chromatography and pumping technologies for the lab to sense, transmit and analyze information for a variety of concerns, including environmental, pharmaceutical, academic, petrochemical, food, and more. These markets include pharmaceutical, academia, oil exploration, and reactant feed. 
  • Teledyne Leeman Labs:  Producer of world-class instruments for mercury elemental analysis, providing high-performance solutions to mercury analysis challenges. 
  • Teledyne Tekmar​: Products include Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) systems, Gas Chromatography Sample Prep & Introduction, high-throughput Purge & Trap sample concentration and sample automation, and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) elemental analyzers.