​Teledyne LABS o​ffers a complete line of borosilicate glass dissolution vessels to accommodate a vast array of testing applications, including traditional small volume, Chinese small volume, standard one liter, and large-volume 2 liter. The borosilicate glass vessels come in clear or amber. All vessels have volumetric graduation marks and are serialized. Our Precision dissolution vessels meet USP vessel dimensions and are an excellent choice for dissolution testing​, including ASTM and USP​ requirements. Vision Easi-Lock™ Vessels ​are designed with rugged, chip-proof rims to prevent accidental chipping of glass vessel lids and for easy lock-in position in the vessel plate. They come with individual serial numbers and a USP Certificate of Conformity (COC).​ ​

Frequently As​​ked Questions

What is a dissolution vessel​?

A dissolution vessel is ​a specialized vessel containing a tablet or capsule for dissolution in a specified medium. Teledyne LABS​ dissolution vessels meet ASTM and USP requirements and come with a USP Certificate of Conformance (COC).

What are the different ​types of dissolution vessel?

According to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP):

  • basket type
  • paddle type
  • reciprocating cylinder
  • flow through cell
  • paddle over disc
  • rotating cylinder
  • reciprocating disc

What is the purpose ​​of the dissolution test?

A dissolution or drug release test determines the amount of time and efficacy of the dissolution process for a tablet or capsule. It is a classic test for determining the dissolution of a medication in​ actual use.​​​​