Po​werful, Easy-to-Use PeakTra​k® Control

  • Intuitive PeakTrak software minimi​ze​s the learning curve and enables the user to efficiently complete their purification, s​​ave t​ime, and reduce solvent consumption.
  • Log in through a network connection and control the separation remotely from your desktop.
Photo Diode Array Detection
  • UV and UV-Vis detectors use PDA technology
  • Display spectra in real time or post run
  • Collect peaks based on purity indicators​
Active Solvent and Waste Level Sensing
  • Know before you run with predictive solvent needs and patented active solvent/waste monitoring setting up long stacked-injection sequences or​​ multi-sample queues for success.
  • Never run a column dry or overfill your waste container. Reproducible, Versatile Sample Introduction
  • AutoInjector allows for single, multiple, or stacked injections.
  • Pair with SFC AutoSampler to add multisample capability with automated wash sequences and maximum sample injection precision and repeatability.
​Pumping System-Flow Control from 50-200 mL/min, designed for columns up to 3 cm
  • A robust CO2 pumping system is paired with an advanced mass-flow  controller and automated backpressure regulator to provide the flow control required by the dynamic nature of supercritical CO2.
  • Liquid co-solvent pump with standard 4-solvent selection valve capable of composition from 5 to 70%.
  • Integrated make-up pump for high CO2 composition.

Fast, optimized and efficient method development without hassle.

Designed to allow quick method optimization by chemists of all skill levels, to produce purified product. Run a single scouting run, then use our exclusive Focus Gradient Generator. By simply touching the peak, create an optimized gradient that maximizes e​​fficiency and resolution around your target compound. The method is automatically scaled up to the column size (of matching media) of choice.​

Scouting Run vs Focused Run
Scouting Run (left): Run a scouting run on the ACCQPrep SFC or from a calibrated analytical system and simply touch the peak of interest or enter its retention time for an optimized method for scale up. Focused Run (right): Observe the improved resolution allowing increased sample loading and increasing throughput with minimal method development time.

Focus Gradient Generator paired with the PurIon mass spectrometer

Easy to Use Meth​​od Optimization Right the First Time!

No more guessing which peak is your compound! Coupling a scouting run with MS data means you can now have confidence that the separation is optimized for your target compound. Getting things done right the first time, saves money, solvent and most importantly time.

Learn More about PurIon​

Use of Focused Gradient Generator and PurIon MS to scale up purification of peptide from 4.6 x 150 mm column to 20 x 150 mm column​.

No Chromophore? No Problem with our ELSD and MS mo​​dules!

Integrated ​ELSD

Collect weak UV absorbing comp​​ounds with certainty.
  • Fully integrated into the ACCQPrep SFC with no additional bench space needed.
  • Offers scalability and sensitivity for a wide range of sample loading with easy-tochange method parameters.
  • Peak alignment automatically adjusted for varying co-solvent composition and different flow rates.
  • Maximum sample recovery with automatic signal alignment from 50-200 mL/min with no user hardware changes.
60 mL/min
60 mL/min
135 mL/min
135 mL/min​

First, a very high-l​​evel description of “supercritical.” The three states of matter are gas, liquid and solid. In the supercritical fluid region, matter under the influence of certain temperature and pressure levels becomes supercritical, where a difference between the gaseous and liquid states can no longer be observed.

In supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), the mobile phase com​​monly is supercritical carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is normally a gas (people and animals exhale it) and when it is under a certain pressure and cold enough, it forms dry ice. When the temperature and pressure reach a certain highpoint, the CO2 becomes supercritical.

Supercritical carbon dioxide for chromatography yields quick results and offers environmental advantages. It is stable, relatively inexpensive, non-flammable, non-toxic, and easy to remove from the sample. Because many compounds cannot be separated using supercritical CO2 alone, it usually is used in combination with an​​other solvent, such as methanol, ethanol, and others.

While the prin​​ciples of SFC are much like those of HPLC, the supercritical fluid used as the mobile phase offers decreased viscosity, allowing SFC to run at a higher flow rate than HPLC. Therefore, SFC is generally a three to four times faster process than HPLC. Other advantages of SFC over HPLC include its “green” features:

  • Greatly reduces solvent consumption (up to eight times less organic solvent used)

  • Less solvent waste

  • Up to seven times lower energy consumption for solvent removal

  • CO2-neutral: reuses CO2 captured from other processes or the atmosphere

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to hazardous organic solvents

  • CO2 is nontoxic and with appropriate co-solvents is safe to use with food and pharmaceutical products

All those ben​efits are yours with the ACCQPrep® SFC from Teledyne LABS.​

To learn more, read What is SFC?​


​​For a full list of product specifications, see the dat​asheet​​.