More than tw​ice as fast as traditional rotavaps.​

​For many years, rotary evaporators (rotavaps) have been standard in chemistry laboratories. Using an innovative, proprietary self-cooling technology, Ecodyst has revolutionized the rotavap to be faster, present a smaller footprint, generate greater output, and be less expensive to operate. Smart, modern, self-cooling systems from Ecodyst boost productivity and prevent downtime. This technology sets a new benchmark for rotavaps without the use of glycol, dry ice, or water, thus eliminating the major sources of material waste associated with conventional rotavaps.

Ecodyst’s patented technology was devised and developed by a former medicinal chemist with over 15 years of experience in the laboratory. Frustrated with some of the challenges in relying on ​​dry ice as a consumable to cool rotavaps led to a solution that vastly improved rotary evaporation. Today, Teledyne LABS and Ecodyst emphasize innovation, robust construction, ease of use and the ultimate in customer care to deliver cost-effective, efficient and sustainable solutions for products—and a partnership—that are built to last.


Smart Self-Cooling​

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Fast Evaporation

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Small Footprint

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Energy Efficient​​​​