​​​T​​he Most Efficient High-Speed Solvent Recovery Systems

For many years, rotary evaporators (rotavaps) have been the lab standard across industrial sectors, including pharmaceutical, academic, government, chemical, life sciences, food and beverage, cleantech, materials, environmental, and natural products. Rotavaps consist of a heating fluid bath, rotating motor, evaporating flask, receiving flask, vacuum source, and condenser. The conventional rotavap condenser requires an external source of cooling material such as dry ice, liquid nitrogen, water, or glycol. Glycol requires additional recirculating equipment.


Using a proprietary and innovative self-cooling technology, Ecodyst has revolutionized the evaporator. With a smaller footprint and greater output, the Ecodyst systems increase efficiency while reducing operational costs. The modern smart technology from Ecodyst boosts productivity and minimizes downtime. Shifting paradigms and setting a new benchmark for solvent recovery without the use of glycol, dry ice, or water, our groundbreaking technology eliminates the major sources of material waste associated with conventional evaporators and concentrators. ​​​


Smart Self-Cooling​

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Fast Evaporation

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Small Footprint

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Energy Efficient​​​​​

benchtop evaporator

Benchtop Evaporators

Engineered for convenient evaporation and concentration of samples where space is at a premium.​​​​​​​​​​

​​large scale evaporator

Large Scale Evaporators​​

Industrial-scale high-speed evaporators for use in laboratory and commercial settings.​​​​

​Simply turn on any of Ecodyst’s patented line of high-speed evaporators and within one minute you will achieve -40º. This temperature can be varied and sustained for extended periods of time, and eliminates wasted water, or the need to pay for, collect, or monitor dry ice, freeing chemists to focus on more complex tasks. Ecodyst’s high-speed evaporators work faster and at a higher capacity than traditional rotary evaporators, s​o scientists and botanists can increase their productivity and ability to process large volumes. With an energy savings of 80% over traditional rotavaps, and the ability to customize and adapt each Ecodyst high-speed evaporator to existing equipment, cost savings and efficiencies are attainable and sustainable.