​CETAC Technologies Inc. was founded in 1985 in Ames, Iowa.

The original company logo is given at right. Note the distinctive overlay of ​​Bessel functions in the logo.​​​

1985 CETAC Logo

​CETAC had offices in Ames, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska from 1989-1991

CETAC building 1989-1991
1989 - Introduction of the Liquid Sample Introduction Products (U-5000 Ultrasonic Nebulizer) *designed by John Sutton - see below 1989 U-5000
​In 1991, CETAC moved their office to 5600 S. 42nd Street in Omaha Nebraska.
CETAC building 1991
​​1993 - Introduction of ASX-500 Autosampler 1993 - ASX-500 Autosampler
1995 - Introduction of U5000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulizer and the ASX-100 Micro-Autosampler. 1995-U5000AT+
1997 - Introduction of the ADX-500 Auto-Dilution System ADX-500
1998 - The second generation autosampler was introduced, the ASX-510 Autosampler. The SDS-550 Sample Dilution System was also introduced this year.

​CETAC Technologies was sold in 2000 to SD Acquisition Inc., a company owned by Mr. Stephan “Steve” F. Dwyer. Mr. Dwyer was an early CETAC investor, and the company (dba CETAC Technologies) remained in Omaha, NE​

Steve DwyerCETAC signage from 2000
2010 - The ASXpress Rapid Sample Introduction System was released
ASXpress with autosamplers

2013 - CETAC Technologies was sold to Teledyne. Company operations continue in Omaha, NE as Teledyne CETAC Technologies.​

Teledyne CETAC Logo

2015 - The ASX-560 Autosampler is introduced. It is the first major update of the original ASX-500, which builds upon the robust mechanical design with updated electronics, modern interfaces, enhanced chemical resistance, and a new exterior look.​​

2018 - ​2021 - A new line of homogenizing autosamplers and sample preparation stations designed specifically for the oils testing industry are released. 

CETAC Product Design Origins

John Sutton-Senior Engineer.jpgJohn Sutton played an instrumental role in product designer for CETAC.  Some of the noteworthy products John developed are:​

  • USN Commercialization
  • Innovative autosampler design (tube in tube) for sample uptake, mechanical movement and overall system ruggedness. Basis of current ASX-500 series, known as the industry standard.
  • Direct Injection Nebulizer. First commercial system for total sample consumption.
  • Novel design for micro autosampler ASX-100 with moving circular tray and stationary sample probe. Key to geology and semiconductor market entrance.​​