​Safely pump highly corrosive fluid​s

For applications requiring delivery of highly corrosive fluids.

Package contents

  • Cylinder cap

  • Piston

  • Cylinder

Standard Features

  • Hastelloy and titanium alloys available.​

For operating temperatures above 100 °C

For operating at temperatures above 100 °C. Rated at 200 °C.

​Package contents

  • Externally mounted Sensotec TJE high-temperature transducer

  • New cap assembly

  • Special high-temperature seals

NOTE: Cylinder heating device is not included.​

​Temperature control through circulation of heated or cooled fluid

Cylinder cooling allows fast, complete filling with a liquefied gas and is recommended when a continuous flow system is used for rapid delivery of such fluids.

Standard Features

  • Can be controlled by circulating heated or cooled fluid through jacket.

  • Cylinder temperature (-30 °C to 100 °C)

  • Factory installed Temperature Control Jackets available

  • Consult your product specialist for part numbers

  • Jackets listed here are user installed

NOTE: Temperature control device is not included.​

​Reduces ambient temperature effects

Cover reduces temperature effects for best flow stability at low flow rates (below about 0.05% of the maximum flow on any pump model).

Note: Not compatible with 1000D and 65D pumps, and dual pump continuous flow systems.​