​The QuickTrace® M-7600 mercury analyzer is also versatile enough to analyze samples > 500 μg/L without dilution. The QuickTrace M-7600 is capable of switching between low mg/L and ng/L analysis without hardware or tubing configuration changes. Using the proven and reliable CVAA technique combined with multi-tasking Windows®-based QuickTrace Software, the QuickTrace® M-7600 is the most stable and sensitive mercury absorbance analyzer available today. For ultra-trace analysis we r​ecommend our autosampler enclosure to protect the samples from determinate errors such as dust particles. The enclosure will also protect your investment from the harsh acid gases normally present in and around digested acidified samples.

  • ​Non-foaming Gas Liquid Separator (GLS) with overflow prevention system
  • TCP/IP communications per laboratories preferences
  • Advanced contamination control, over range and smart rinse features
  • Superior baseline stability with double beam optics
  • Ozone free low vapor pressure mercury excitation lamp
  • Analyze samples with or without an autosampler
  • Unlimited QC sample positions
  • Automatic end of run and inactivity standby routines
  • 12-roller 4-channel peristaltic pump
  • Sample volume 0.5 mL to > 20 mL
  • High capacity mode of < 60 seconds per sample
  • Intuitive QuickTrace® software


Excellent short and​ long term stability are found in our QuickTrace® M-7600 CVAA analyzer. Less than 0.3 ng/L instrument detection limits are typical for this analyzer while utilizing less than 4 minutes of sample time and less than 25 mL of sample.

  • Ultra-trace detection limits (< 0.5 ng/L IDL)
  • Linearity greater than 4 orders of magnitude
  • Dynamic range < 0.5 ng/L to > 500 μg/L
  • Without employing our smart rinse technology the system is ready to accurately measure a sample within four minutes following the ingestion of a 1 mg/L sample
  • Short term precision (%RSD @ 95% Confidence) < 1.2% @ 20 ng/L, n=5
  • Short term precision (%RSD @ 95% Confidence) < 6.0% @ 5 ng/L, n=5​​

QuickTrace® So​ftware

Tel​​edyne LABS has designed the multi-tasking QuickTrace® software package to be easy to learn, yet provide valuable features and flexibility while continuously adding customer requested features, truly making the software designed by the customer for the customer.

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Sam​ple Automation

Customers​ have the freedom to choose​ an autosampler for their mercury analyzer that will meet their laboratories sample load requirements. The ASX-280 and ASX-560 autosamplers are available for any QuickTrace™ Mercury Analyzers. Manual sampling is also available with the option to add autosamplers as sample demand increases. See Specifications for details.​


  • EPA Method 245.1
  • EPA Method 245.5
  • SW 846-7470 
  • SW 846-7471
  • ASTM Method; D3223, D3624, D3684, D6414, and D6784
  • EU Methods; Din ISO 16772, EN-13806, EN-16175-1, and ISO 12846​

*For a full list of applicable meth​​​ods contact your sales specialist.​​​​​​


​Carrier Gas (N2 or Ar)
​Supplied at 120 psi
​Power Requirements
​100-240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
46 cm H x 20 cm W x 56 cm D
​35 lbs (16 Kg
Computer Interfaces
​Minimum Computer ​Req​u​​​irements​
​Microsoft® Windows® 10
2 GB RAM for Microsoft® Windows® 10
Video running 1024x768 with 24-bit color
Pentium Dual Core 2.3 GHz​​​​​​
Two free communication ports, either serial and/or USB
Internet Explorer 4 or higher must be installed for the online Help to function
ASX-280, ASX-560
​ASX Standard Autosampler​​

​10 Standards, 2 Sample Racks
​10 Standards, 4 Sample Racks
​180 samples
​360 samples
​62 cm x 35.5 cm x 55 cm (24.4” x 14” x 21.6”)
​62 cm x 58 cm x 55 cm (24.4” x 22.5” x 21.6”)
​8.1 kg (17.8 lbs)
​11.7 kg (26 lbs)
​Computer Interfaces
​USB and/or RS-232
​USB and/or RS-232
​Power Requirements
​100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1.9A
​100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1.9A
​Optional Enclosure

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