Dissolution​ Vessels and Covers

Hanson USP vessels have been an industry standard for many years. These precision vessels, manufactured of quality borosilicate glass, meet or exceed USP <711> vessel dimensions and are an excellent choice for dissolution testing​, including ASTM requirements. 

The Super Precision Vessel™ with its closer conformance to an ideal vessel shape provides more consistent vessel-to-vessel dissolution test results in USP Apparatus 2, a crucial concern in pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, and quality control facilities. 

Vision “Easi-Lock” precision vessels include rugged CPVC tops for easy lock-in position in the vessel plate, and n​​o more accidental chipping of glass vessel lids. Easi-Lock vessels come with individual serial numbers and a USP Certificate of Conformity (COC), and are available for Vision Classic 6 and Elite 8 dissolution testers.

Baskets & Paddles 

Choose from a variety of baskets (USP App. 1), paddles (USP App. 2), and apparatuses for testing transdermal products within the dissolution tester, such as paddle-over-disk (USP App. 5), rotating cylinder (USP App. 6), and immersion cells.​​ Mini baskets and mini paddles for small volume (150 mL), Chinese small volume (250 mL), and immersion cell applications are also available. The Teledyne LABS spin-shaft design allows quick changeover of the lower apparatus portion from the upper shaft, which remains firmly in place to maintain accurate height measurements, especially when switching between different apparatus types.​

​Probes & Cannula

​Testing Semisolids with a Dissolution Tester​​

Teledyne LABS dissolution testers can be used to test semisolids such as patches, ointments, gels, and other topical preparations, in conformance with methods such as USP Apparatus 5 – Paddle Over Disk, USP Apparatus 6 – Rotating Cylinder, and the immersion cell per USP<1724> section on Drug Release Rate Determination Using Immersion Cell Apparatus: “The immersion cell can be used with USP Apparatus 2 (see general chapter Dissolution <711>) with vessel volumes that vary from 100 mL up to 4 L, but the 150- or 200-mL vessels are the most commonly used. A flat-bottom variation of the 150- or 200-mL vessel can be used to avoid the issue of dead space under the cell when it is used in a round-bottom vessel.”​

Small Volu​​me Dissolution Accessories 

​​Used for low concentration drug formulations and other special applications when small volume dissolution media is required. Provides everything you need to convert from the standard USP 1 liter vessel and paddle to small volume testing. The 150 mL round-bottom vessel is patterned after the standard USP 1 liter vessel. The 150 mL flat-bottom vessel is used with the Hanson Immersion Cell. The mini spin-paddle is patterned after the standard USP Apparatus 2 paddle. Consult Hanson for special mini-basket and other special requirements.​